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Start talking about things we SHOULD be talking about. Kink, BDSM, intimacy, Yay for sex!

About Me

I was always the "weird kid" at school, at work, in my every day life. I was always told how strange and odd my thoughts were.

 My jokes. My outlook. My taste in music, my style of dress. Eventually,  I realized I love to be different, weird and even quirky! It's what makes me who I am.

 Oh I know I am not alone!

 I have always found myself drawn to those rare individuals who choose to Express themselves in odd ways. Even via style of dress!

 As I got older, that weirdness seeped into my intimate life. That is where I found a community of people who have also felt out of place and sometimes been afraid to express themselves.

While trying to get more info on the subject of kink or BDSM or even simple intimacy, I found that it was very hard to find any good, real information out there.

 That is what S- Club is about.

 A place for all of us  to share, express and explore all the subjects we were told were taboo!

Sex is fun and should be explored in a safe, sane and consensual way. 

So please, make conversations, ask questions, start topics about anything. Be yourself!  It's what makes you so unique and yes even weird! (Say it proudly!)

I only ask that you remember what it was like to be the outcast and please be respectful of others and non- judgemental.

Thank You.

Why You Should Join Me

You should join me to feel safe and Express yourself in a non judgmental atmosphere.

  Be here to embrace your oddities, be the weird-ish version of you that is screaming to be heard!

 And as always, be kind. It's not easy for everyone to share.

A Big Thanks

Thank You in advance for sharing your story, and being brave enough to open new conversations. For helping to support all those quirky kids.

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